Trusting God

“Don’t say ‘no’ when God has said ‘yes’, you just may miss your blessing.”

I am guilty of this. I have every excuse in the book. But, if I’m honest, when I boil it down to the real issue – when God said ‘yes’, why would I say ‘no’? Because I don’t fully trust Him… Because in all of this waiting for His promises, I have allowed myself to become consumed with worry and doubt. All things contrary to the nature of God. All things pointing to the fact that somewhere, somehow I lost my trust in Him.

What is the measure of your faith?

I was asked this question recently and really had to think on it! It’s easy for me to pray, and follow through, with the “Anywhere You lead I will follow…” But, it’s in the silence, in the waiting, where your faith is really tested. Or so I’m learning. To still know that He still has me although I don’t know the next step. I don’t need to worry. I don’t need to do anything. I just need to trust Him. I heard it in the message at church yesterday, in my devotion time, a text from my sister, even from my daughter… I get it, I get it! Sometimes I can be quite dense…

This morning as I prayed, I surrendered my will for His. Sometimes I don’t realize that I am holding onto things that were never meant to be in my hands. Sometimes, I forget what God has promised me, while I’m standing in the wait… It isn’t time to lose hope, it’s time to increase our faith! I will stop saying ‘no’ to what He has said ‘yes.’ I don’t want to miss out. I trust Him.

Increasing my faith, erasing the worry and doubt.

*Photo Credit: KayBee05


  1. Very Good. But I want to know what you said ‘no’ to after He already gave you His permission.😊😊…..Oh well, that’s between you and God.😘

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