I made a decision a while back, I would not live my life trying to please God.

Choosing to do things myself is called independence – the exact opposite of moment-by-moment dependence that brings intimacy with God through trusting Him. Pete Briscoe

You see when I try to to please God, it’s all about me, my – what I can do. Not at all about Him. But, don’t we do this? Try to please God.. When we “try to please God,” aren’t we doing so of our own accord? No longer trusting in Him, but trusting in our own way, our own works – what we can do…

I’ve mentioned before, that in this season the scripture that resonates ever in my head is “Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.” Proverbs‬ ‭3:5-6‬ ‭KJV‬‬

This tells me, quite plainly, that I can do nothing myself. Oh, but to place our complete trust in Him!

I will be the first to admit, it was not the easiest thing for me to do. It takes real faith, love, and an honest commitment to Christ to truly trust in Him, to follow His will. No, you don’t always know where you’re going. What you do know is that He is preparing the way for you step by step.

I think about Abraham, he was just given a direction… He was going into unchartered territory, no destination that he knew, and off he went! Our walks with Christ are like that sometimes. It is our obedience that pleases God. Not what we try to achieve on our own.

Sometimes – okay, in my case, usually/typically, when I go it alone, “trying” to figure it out on my own, “trying” to be more efficient, “trying” to make it better – I tend to make a mess of not just things, but everything! Why? Because on my own, I can do nothing. But with God, well, are there any limits to what He can do?

Abraham and Sarah did at one point take matters into their own hands… God had promised Abraham that He would multiply Abraham’s seed. (Abraham was 75 years old at the time.) By 86, nothing. No child. We know the story. God had compassion on Hagar and Ishmael and made him a mighty nation – but this wasn’t the promise. 25 years after the promise was given, Isaac is born. The promise is fulfilled. However, it is through Jacob (who becomes Israel), that the mighty nation – all that God spoke to Abraham, comes to pass.

You see, everything happens according to God’s will and plan for our lives. We must place our trust in Him, so that we may follow Him. I guarantee you that He will direct our paths – His Word says it!

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  1. What I meant in my previous comment is that…at First it take a conscious focus and effort to place our trust in God…UNTIL we really realize His genuine love for us as an individual, and then it becomes less of a focus and more of a first response😊.

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    1. I understood what you meant and you are absolutely correct. It does take effort on our part, until we realize His genuine love and that He will never fail us. Then, yes it is definitely a first/automatic response. (You could have written this for me 😊)


  2. Only thing we can do to please God IS to trust Him. Trust and Obey. And once one really realizes this one must put effort and focus in doing this because complete truust in someone or something one cannnot see is not a natural first response….until one understand how much God really loves them individually.
    Very well written, I enjoyed reading this.

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