Sunrise – Sunset

For me, there is something special about the sunrise and sunset. I love the various colors to which I can never quite seem to capture in a painting. Nor can I describe with words. The beauty is really breathtaking. I do my best to make the effort to watch both as often as possible.

For every sunset in my life, I find myself looking forward to the beauty of the next sunrise knowing I must endure the darkness of the night. No matter how dark the night, I have discovered comfort in the light of the moon and the stars.

No matter the circumstance, light can be found…

In the dark of the night recently, I found myself steeped in an all too familiar frenemy regret. My current daily devotional by Charles F. Stanley, touched met me exactly where I was. What really stood out to me read like this: “Regret is rooted in unresolved guilt… I’ve found the best way to live without regret is to maintain a clear conscience. Choose to live in such a way that you do your best in every task and relationship, giving your best effort to live in a godly manner. Choose to trust God in every area of your life—not just the easy ones. Choose to obey Him and keep His commandments. Choose to forgive others fully.”

We all have a choice in the lives we lead. Presently, I choose to let go of some things and move on. Additionally, moving forward, I choose to live a life wholly devoted to Christ that will in turn impact all other parts of my life/relationships..

*Image by KayBee05


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