Life Goes On

I am slowly ending my relationships with social media. Why? Well, for starters, I don’t use them… I realized that I had/have “friends” whom aren’t really my “friends.” There were/are “family” whom I don’t really know…

What was intended to be a way to keep in touch with family/friends back home, lived up to its name: social media. I granted others access to parts of my life, that perhaps they hadn’t quite earned?

However, leaving social media, some things have become quite evident, it was the only way I kept in contact with some family/friends from back home… Lazy, huh? Now, I am making the extra effort to keep in touch with family and friends, because I hold them so close to my heart. Kind of rewarding, actually.

I don’t get home very often, living across the country. The last time I was home – a sudden death that shook us all.

Didn’t we say we’d keep in touch, not let our busy lives get in the way? I don’t want there to be another tragic loss to shake us awake.

I’m tired of using the excuse of being a single mom, work, the kids, etc… They all excuse me for this as well… We know you mean well. We know you love us. You have those kids, your hands are full…

Meanwhile, I’m trying to live with no regrets. I’m trying to balance my love and deal with only news of loss after loss it seems… Why don’t we ever call with good news? Or just to check in – see how things have been?

I hate going home for losses, I don’t even try to stay awhile. A reminder that I live here – y’all are all still there, and life for all of us keeps going on…

And now a reminder, a text to and from my childhood best friend… A promise to keep in touch. Thanking God that she’s still with us… Because, this is one I would surely regret, if I didn’t get the chance to say, “I love you,” again.

*Image credit KayBee05


  1. Such a familiar story, Jessy. I have been through it too many times being the ‘one’ who lived away. The grieving process is a lonely one. Social media has gotten out of control. I have frequently had similar thoughts.

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