There’s nothing like getting dressed up to go _______ (fill in the blank) – on a date, to church, school, a concert, dinner?

How long does it take to get ready? Saturday, I had plans… Dinner and a movie – although we decided against the movie at the last minute… I thought I had plenty of time to get ready… We weren’t supposed to meet until 4:30pm. I had already showered and washed my hair earlier in the morning – off to a great start, right? Could have been – should have been… One would think…

Although I was not latelate. I was not ready. I didn’t take time to prepare. I didn’t pick out an outfit in advance – this continues to prove to be a downfall for me. I had wanted to put on some makeup… But, in my lack of time management (an important component of preparation) to ensure that I was not late – after finally finding an outfit – there was no time for makeup…

None of these factors ruined the evening, by any means. But they did make me think of the value of preparation.

Sometimes I think I live as though I have all the time in the world. As if this world will last forever…

But it won’t.

Christ is coming back one day and we all must be prepared. We must prepare our homes, our families, our children, our neighbors… Tell everyone we know. But, am I living like this?

I’m reminded of the parable of the ten virgins in Matthew 25:1-13… There were five foolish and five wise.. The five wise had oil in their lamps, the five foolish did not. While they all waited for the bridegroom to come, they slept. When the midnight cry came out that he had returned, the five foolish, whom had run out of oil, asked for oil from the five wise, because they had oil. Those wise gals did not share. So, the five without, had to go out to buy some. While they were away, the bridegroom returned, took those whom were prepared and closed the door. It was too late for the five foolish – or dare I say – unprepared virgins. (My own little paraphrase.)

I am trying, both in my natural and spiritual life, to live a life prepared. Aren’t the instructions all written in the Word of God? I want to lead a life that reflects God in all that I do. Trying to keep oil in my lamp! And whether it’s being prepared for church, a date, girl’s night out – or prepared for His return… I just want to be ready! No more procrastinating or failing to get things done – and get them done right!

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