I remember being a stay-at-home mom and how rare it was to ever hear anyone call me by my name.

Then, I went to the military and was either called by my last name or my rank.

Now, I’m identified as my children’s mom, mommy, and any appropriate label that fits the occasion. Sometimes, I do this to myself. So, when I am called by name, sometimes I am taken aback.

In those moments where someone engages with me – like really engages with me, in conversation, or to get to know me – without any labels. It reminds me, that there’s still a person – a lady – beyond the labels. As though I had forgotten…

I remember, it feels like a lifetime ago, being a young newlywed. I made a vow that I wouldn’t lose sight of me… I would not allow myself to be just his wife and just the kids’ mommy. Was it the divorce, or just life that changed things?

Now, I’m thankful for those special people whom have helped me to see that I am so much more than labels attached to me.

So often, I label myself by my duties and responsibilities. That I forget – I forget that there is so much more to me than someone’s employee and someone’s mommy. But, then there was someone to remind me… Someone who didn’t see the labels and saw only the person – the lady – beyond the labels.


  1. Yes….you are so much more than a mommy, an employee, a vetern, and a daughter. Your individual personality and character defines you, which infolds each time you relax and open your mouth to speak your sentiments. Each time you are inspired to go out of your way to help someone in need… you so often do. Each time you recognize that you need time to yourself or time alone with your children and you make it happen. Your strength and even your weaknesses define you. Your expertise and even your short comings define you. And in my eyes you are a splendid individual and an admirable young Lady!

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