I cannot count the times I have been told, You’re such a strong woman! Being strong comes with a price.. And, truth be told, I rarely feel strong.

“Pain shapes a woman into a warrior.” R. H. Sin

The truth is, I have had my fair share of challenging moments moments that have shaped the person/woman I am today. And those moments changed me… We are definitely shaped by our experiences, or how we choose to respond to them. And, some things that we endure in life will most assuredly leave us changed. That’s my truth, in any case. In some ways I changed for the better, others not so much…

Does this count as strength?

So often. I feel like while others see me as strong, I am more an imposter. Being strong, standing alone, enduring – has all too often come with a price, a loss. Believe me, it feels like anything but strong.

“The world needs strong women. Women who will lift and build others, who will love and be loved. Women who live bravely, both tender and fierce. Women of indomitable will.” Amy Tenney

I am working towards becoming strong – the kind of woman who knows what it means to love and be loved. The kind of woman who is brave, tender and fierce.

I feel like the strength that I currently have lies within the walls I have built. Walls meant to protect me, while keeping others out. Very few have I allowed in and truth be told, that had been okay with me.

But, things change.

As life continues, I have come to a place where I no longer want the walls that were previously mistaken for strength. No, I want to be free of the walls, and instead brave and tender, able – willing to accept love and give. I see this as real strength. Maybe then, I will be strong – like my coffee…

*Unwanted, but useful image by KayBee05 🙃

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