Have you ever found yourself BUSY? Or, not BUSY, but then there are demands of you, so you say, yes, out of a perceived obligation, knowing that it isn’t right for you. So, you still find yourself BUSY?

Another acronym for the word is: Being Under Satan’s Yoke.

I have found myself BUSY against my desires. Obligated to participate in activities in which I do not believe…

I had made a promise – a vow that I would not be BUSY again… But then, I said yes.

Not my BEST yes, by any means, but yes, none the less, so here I am, BUSY. In a time when I would rather be taking it easy, focusing on everything – anything else – I am focusing on things that mean nothing to me and not focusing on the things that matter…


All because I said yes. 

Sometimes, it feels like we are shamed if we don’t say yes. So we cave under a perceived pressure. Sometimes, the pressure is truly there…

Now, I am working on re-focusing, re-thinking, re-aligning. Because, just because I said yes, doesn’t mean I cannot course correct and say no. I’m not supposed to be so BUSY – burdened and heavy… I’m not supposed to take matters into my own hands, do what think I’m supposed to do. This is not my BEST yes.

I know that there will be occasions in life where I will find myself BUSY, but not always, not like this. Not a burnout, dreadful BUSY… As I re-think, re-focus and re-align, I am watching for those BEST yes moments to appear.

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