Working From Home

I said I would not make a “COVID-19” post… Alas, here I am… Entering my second week of “working from home”, with at least 5 more to go (including this one), I am at a loss for words.

As the governor of my state recently announced a “stay at home” order, we are joining other states/nations, who must, for the majority of our days, stay in our homes, away from others, beside those with whom we reside.

Last week, I was fairly rigid with my schedule for working from home. And, although I was home with the kids, by the time Friday rolled around, I felt as though I hadn’t seen them at all. I’m a bit more flexible this week.

As I told the kids, and I truly believe, this is an awesome opportunity for us. 1. To grow closer to one another. But, more importantly, to draw closer to Christ. We can make the best out of a situation that may not be ideal.

Have you ever felt, I just want to stay home! And, then you receive a stay at home order. All you want to do is go here and there and everywhere! The people you miss, the places you wish you to go, the things you wish to see… But, no. Now you get to stay home.

Yet, somehow, I must confess, I have this nagging feeling that the after this that we are all looking forward to, isn’t going to be quite the same as the life we led before all this…

*Original Image*

The beauty of spring breaking through…

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