“Be Specific”

“Be specific.”

How often have you heard this phrase? Or better yet, how often have you used this phrase?

Having kids, I often find myself asking them to be specific when making a request. Because of course, I’m not a mind reader and no, I actually don’t know what, or where, that thing is – or to what you are actually referring…

Sometimes, I think they are vague with me just for laughs, because I can get a little flustered. Other times, I realize they truly can’t get the words out.

Happens to the best of us.

I’m so glad that God is so patient. I know that He wants us to be specific. But, aren’t there times, when we just can’t get the words out? He still hears and knows, I believe.

I do my best to be specific in my prayers and confessions. But there are times, when words evade me. Whether it’s just the tears that flow wordlessly, I find comfort and solace knowing that He still hears what my heart utters, though my lips cannot find the words to say.

This helps me to grant a little grace to my giggly kiddos who ask me where the thingy is? Or if I remember the time that one thing happened that was really funny?

*Image borrowed from Pinterest


  1. This is so true! I use those words when coworkers complain about a lack of communication. Everyone complains about that, but if we can be specific about what part, we may be able to work on it! Haha

    I am no often specific with God, so thanks for posting this. I think I’ll try it.

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  2. Right on point AGAIN. I was just taking a walk and had decided beforehand that while I was walking, I was going to be specific with God concerning some requests and petitions. I had been invasive long enough and Philippians 4:6 exhorts us to make our specific requests known to God. I have become pretty desperate with the need of these specific requests to be granted. A lot of times we have not because we ask not. (James 4: 2) So I just now did and just now happen to read your post. Thank you for comfirmnation!

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