Loved and Accepted

A couple nights ago, sitting with my pup and a 1000-piece puzzle, I found my mind echoing words said to me from a time past. Where did they come from? These words had cut me to my core, caused a deep wound, doubt, and to my surprise, these words still hurt.

These words were spewed out of the mouth of one whom claimed to love me – one whom I loved. Maybe that’s why they still hurt, even today…

Regardless, as I took the painfully rocky trip down memory lane, I discovered something about myself that I haven’t cared to admit to anyone, especially me. I have had this feeling like I’m not enough, or perhaps too much for everyone, including God. As if He can’t, or won’t love me. Foolish thinking, right?

“I can love what God can love. I don’t love everything I do, but I accept myself because God accepts me.” Joyce Meyers

It’s taken me until today to “be alright”. Because, Jesus does love me. He accepts me as I am. Yes, I may make mistakes, He doesn’t like those, but that doesn’t stop Him from loving me! If He can love and accept me, can’t I love and accept myself??

Today, I choose to love myself, accept myself, grant myself a little grace. In this I can grant others grace, love others, accept others. Christ has done all this and so much more for me!

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