What Would Jesus Do?

Remember those WWJD bracelets? I never had one, because I wasn’t allowed to wear jewelry back in the day. But I always wanted one.

Still, the message, What Would Jesus Do? Or for others, the reminder, Walk With Jesus Daily, has never left my mind. I try to remember in different situations, especially those those tough situations, What Would Jesus Do? This helps me to turn the other cheek, come to the end of me and let go of my pride.

That pride is a challenge sometimes to let go of. Because, me? Wrong? I’m not wrong! I so often want to defend myself. I don’t want to stop and apologize, let go of my position, lose my footing and humble myself before my enemy and apologize. Are you kidding? That gives them the upper hand. But, What Would Jesus Do? He wouldn’t care about what He looks like. He wouldn’t care about what they think about Him. He wouldn’t only turn the other cheek, again and again, He would go the extra mile, give the extra (fill in the blank). That’s what Jesus would do.

I say that I want to be like Him. This can’t be only with my lips, but also in my heart. Through my actions.

Today has been a struggle between wanting to do what Jesus would do and laying me down. It took several hours to come to a place where I was able to humble myself before the person whom hurt me and apologize and turn the other cheek.

Even as I write, I am struggling. I ask God to grant me grace to love, forgive, walk in forgiveness and love. There’s no way that person is aware of the pain they inflict on others. They are probably hurting too. Maybe even because of me. Besides, that person is made in God’s image and deserves love and forgiveness. At the end of the day, it isn’t about me.. As Christ has forgiven me, I must also forgive others. This is love.

Put this way, it’s easier for me to do what Jesus would do…

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