Two-Way Street

I’m sure you’ve heard it said, “Relationships are a two-way street.” There’s all sorts of explanations for this cliche. Some say that all relationships are two-way because there’s supposed to be equal give and take… I guess two-way is supposed to be equivalent to mutuality.

I beg to differ.

I try to pattern my relationships after Christ’s relationship with me. (Not my relationship with Him. There’s a difference.) I’ve treated my human relationships like a two-way street. Never going in the same direction. Maybe, we’ll intersect down the way, somehow. But, usually we’re just passing each other by. I have my eyes set on what’s in front of me. While the other party’s eyes are set on what’s in front of them. Never do we have the same goal, same destination, same sights in view.

But, oh to be on a one-way street. With the same view in sight, going in the same direction. In my relationship with Christ, I sometimes find myself hopping of the oneway and headed in the opposite direction. To not be with Christ, or allow Him to be with me, means that I am going not only in the wrong direction, but against Him.

But the beautiful thing about Jesus is that He always meets me where I am. It doesn’t matter if He has to go the distance to meet me, to find me. Won’t He leave the 99 in search of the one?

As for my current and future relationships, I hope to adjust the mentality of the two-way street and that we can face the same direction, travel the journey together with the same view, objectives, and goals in sight. I’ll help you when you can’t help yourself, without worry of if/when you’ll come through for me.

Original image by KayBee05

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