Just Passin’ Through

I live in a state that has yet to fully open. To be honest, the future of opening looks bleak for us.

Still, as working remotely is becoming a permanent fixture, I’ve been spending more time at home. More time at home has meant more home improvement projects. If you’ve followed my blog for sometime, you may remember I purchased a home 3 years back. It started out as a mix of stress and DIY fun – I guess. In any case, fast forward to, here I am home practically all the time, and I find myself immersed, once again in home projects.

In a completely unrelated conversation with a friend, his words struck me when he said, I’m doing my best to live in the world, but not of it. See, to be honest, I had lost sight of what’s important as I have enjoyed watching the landscaper turn my lawn into a something far greater than what it was formerly, and as all the walls become painted to reflect the people living within them, replacing the neutral eggshell white. I’ve expectantly waited for the patio slider to be swapped out for custom designed French doors… And all of that has been fun and enjoyable..

Still, I lost sight.. We are to be living in this world. Not of it. The church, today, tells us that Jesus wants us to enjoy ourselves here.. I don’t know about that. Because, faced, not so long ago with the fear of death, I came to the stark realization that it was not eternity that I feared. It was not being here. Not being in this earth. Eternity maybe crossed my mind… briefly. But, the thought of not being here terrified me most. That in and of itself is scary.

We’re not supposed to live tied to any one or thing. Not if we truly want to live like Jesus. Didn’t the apostles forsake all. Aren’t we to do the same? I know everyone isn’t called to the missions field, but the call to live in the world, not of it rings true for us all.

This world is not our home, we’re just passing through. Isn’t it time to stop living like we have a permanent residence, a permanent address here??

I’m not against home improvement projects or anything like that.. For me, I just had my eyes opened to what’s important.. this physical earthly house that will one day pass away? Or my hope in Christ Jesus who said He was going to prepare a place for me that where He is, there I may be also.

I’m just passing through..


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