Today, I woke up to the decision of no more artificial. I’m tired of the illusion, I crave what’s real. I’m tired of religion, I desire a true relationship with God.

A fellow blogger posted, a couple months ago, about there being a lack of love, coming in the next couple years. Not to be the pessimist, honestly, I wonder if love exists today?

Each time I turn on, or read the news, there are reports of murder, shootings, on mass- and small-scale. It’s so sad.

Also in the news, in my friend circle, in my neighborhood block, there are reports of divorce – after a few months, years, decades..

It all leaves me wondering, where is the love?

I no longer want to do what I’ve always done. I don’t want to simply do church. I want to be a part of God’s church. I want to be known by His love shining through me. I want to be in real relationship with Jesus Christ, so that I no longer question, worry, or doubt about what others think or say about me – because I’m so infatuated with, in love with Jesus that His opinion of me is the only one that matters! I want to be so taken in my relationship with Him, that no matter the situation, or person, I come to face, all I can do is look to Jesus. All I can do is see Him. All I can do is offer the same love and mercy and compassion that He has for me.

The days are becoming increasingly dark, but with Jesus, even the darkness is light all around us. We can’t hide from Him or His presence. His light illuminates even the darkest corner. Jesus is the truth and the only truth I know. My goal is to not only experience for myself, but also share His love with others.


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