Depression and Anxiety in the Church

There is a silent killer, church stealer sweeping through congregations today. Depression. Anxiety. It is tearing families apart, dwindling congregations, stealing Sunday School teachers, destroying pastors, their families, youth groups, even children’s ministries.

Something must be done.

We cannot lose another soul to this silent killer. We cannot allow another brother, sister, family to suffer, agonize silently – alone.

Today, all I can offer anyone is Jesus. I can walk with you, talk with you.. More importantly pray with you. But I pray that in all of that, I can do for you what the meds and the doctors couldn’t do for me once upon a time some years ago… I pray I can point you to Jesus, like someone did for me. I left depression and anxiety behind and have never looked back!

Only Jesus could save me and my family. I hadn’t realized the damage my depression had done to my family. But God! He is a Healer!

I am so moved to compassion when I hear stories of individuals, especially those of the household of faith, who are bound by depression, anxiety, fear.. Jesus took all of that on the cross for us, so we do not have to live bound. I lived bound for years. But, thank You, Jesus! I have lived free for years!

I would love to pray with you and chat with you. Especially in these times. It’s time to break free from depression and anxiety.


  1. Thank you for your post. It’s definitely something we should be on guard against and standing in prayer for those who are struggling. Thank you for sharing. God bless.

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