A Moment Away

If I have learned anything from this pandemic and being locked down for over a year, it’s the value and beauty of friendship, family. Life is so short.

I was chatting with a new friend today, who shared that she spent her weekend at a memorial service for her best friend. A 49 year old, gone too soon. She hadn’t realized that 10 years had passed since they had last seen one another. I can totally relate.

As I prepare to transition and I say my “see you soon’s”, I hope that rather than allow another 10 or even another year go by before we get to see or speak again, that the friends I have made will really be just a moment away. Whether an ocean separates us, or a few state lines, I hope this pandemic teaches us to keep in touch. I’m not always the best at that. I’m not always the best at reaching out or saying what’s on my heart..

But now, especially, since time does not seem to be on our side, and there is so much distance between us, I hope we learn to take a break, close the distance between us, connect again, engage again, remain only a moment away.

*Image by Kaybee05


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