Jesus Saves

A friend from my childhood found me on Instagram. He has the zeal of a new convert as he has recently found Christ for himself, despite growing up “in the church” and has found a church to call his home.

Though, I must admit, when the pandemic shut down the churches in my state, I ventured outside my local assembly and watched online services outside my state. To be honest, my local church had their first in person service this past Sunday, July 4th. It’s been over a year since the doors closed.

In any case, back to my recent conversations with my childhood friend… We grew up under the UPCI. He has since joined the ICC. I’m not here to debate religion with anyone. What I do know is that Jesus saves. What I do know is that His blood was shed for all mankind.

And I may be wrong, but I also believe that as salt and light in the world, we are to point people to Jesus. We are to live as examples in this fallen world. It is not us that saves others or brings others into the kingdom. It is God that calls them and brings them into the kingdom. As I said, I may be wrong. I just feel as though we cannot confuse our roles here… We cannot put ourselves in the place of God.

I am all for living as Jesus (I encourage it), while also recognizing that Jesus is God manifest in the flesh and also giving credit to the Holy Ghost, God’s Spirit, dwelling in us. Still, may we never forget, that it is Jesus that does the saving, not us.

Image by Kaybee05

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