I was chatting with a church friend the other day, following my eldest daughter’s 16th birthday. On top of her receiving her driver’s license, we made a trip to the mall so she could select a promise/ purity ring. This is something that is very important to me and I feel honored to share with my daughter. It’s a conversation I have had with all of my children since I can remember. It’s a conversation I intend to continue to have with my children. My two younger children have expressed their excitement and anticipation for turning 16 and receiving their promise/purity rings (yes, even my son). I am over the moon!

Back to my conversation with my friend… We’ve been friends for many years, since middle school. And I know not everyone believes as I do. I’m not as conventional as most, as old school as I claim to be… Still, I had a thought:

Sex is not a four-letter word.

I feel like sometimes the church treats sex as a taboo topic that should not be discussed. As a result we fall short when it comes to educating our children fully about purity. I’ll repeat my thought: sex is not a four-letter word.

I have had open, candid conversations with my children regarding sex. Sex does not equate love, especially at such young ages. My eldest posed the thought to me, The kids at school that have sex think they love each other. My response, Yes, and, how many of those couples stay together by the end of the school year? The thing about love, true love, or doesn’t pressure you to do something that will bring you into sin.

Love is pure. Love is patient. Love waits. Love isn’t about the physical.

My daughter shared about a couple at school, the guy grabs the gals bottom in front of others and they kiss in the halls. She described it as uncomfortable. Honestly, my heart goes out to that poor gal. Such a young girl and she doesn’t know, she hasn’t been taught or shown what true love looks like. We have to stop treating sex like it’s a four-letter word and the church needs to do some education around it, to teach these young people purity, not safe sex and how to use a condom or get on birth control or get tested for STIs. Rather, we need to educate around purity of behavior, conversation, and abstaining from sex until marriage.

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