The Other Side of 30

Maybe it’s because I’ve reached that pinnacle mid-thirties mark? I don’t know? Whatever the case, I’m learning more about myself.

As a child, my parents would comment that I would come home from school and explode. This after a day of not talking, because I had to be on my best behavior. Didn’t want to disappoint dear old mom and dad, silence was a virtue. One that I tried my hardest to possess, but as my parents said, I would go home and explode. It didn’t matter if no one at all listened to me. I talked to myself, our dog, the air… I still talk to the dog when no one is around…

I remember as a kid, trying to possess that silence virtue, I was concerned that I would lose my voice. Like, it would stop working, if I was silent for too long. I would try to test it out without being heard.

As I grew older, I found my voice. I found it so much that I rarely stopped to listen.

I loved to use my voice. Still do. Only now, I’ve learned to listen.

I wonder how many lives, how many stories, how many relationships – I’ve missed out on because I failed to stop and listen. I’m thankful for the second chances.

Reconnecting with a friend, I realized, I did a lot a talking in the past, he did a lot of listening. He knew a lot about me. I never stopped to listen. I didn’t stop to learn about the other person.

Now, here in the latter half of my thirties, I’ve finally learned what it is to stop and listen.

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