Living Life In A Small Town

I never really considered myself much of a city girl. I thought I knew all there was to know about small town living.

Then I moved to a small town.

It has actually been quite a pleasant experience this far. I’ve met so many kind people and have the sweetest neighbors.

Sure, we have to drive 30-40 minutes to get to a local restaurant and/or grocery store. But, our town has a General Store, which has everything!

I’ve been able to really challenge myself, with the grace and help of God, to complete various DIY projects – projects I never thought I would be able to complete. Just today we pulled out the old kitchen cabinets to replace them with new ones. It was an all day feat, honestly, but the new sink is installed and we were able to unpack the kitchen into the new cabinets. I consider that a win!

The kids have enjoyed every bit of this change – besides the pests that the south brings.

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