Living Life Together

How do we love our neighbors as ourselves? I remember, once upon a time not so long ago, this was one of the hardest things for me to even consider, because I didn’t love myself. How could I possibly love anyone else?

This life has been quite the journey.

I have a neighbor, in this small town where I now reside, he has been nothing but kind to me and my children since we moved in – backup, since I first came to look at the house. Over these last few weeks, I’ve learned a bit about him. His wife passed away last September. Most of his siblings have also passed, as well as his friends.

I went to check on him today and stayed longer than I planned. We chatted about everything from the weather to his family. He showed me pictures of his family from many decades ago. We chatted about his late wife, siblings, and children.

I’ve never been one to just invite myself over to anyone’s home. I’ve always considered myself much more reserved and private. Must be this small town living. As he stated, There aren’t many people to talk to out here.

After over a year of isolation, this move is just what we needed. This small town may not have the restaurants or grocery stores we’re accustomed to, but it has great people with whom we can share our time. Everyone out here seems to take care of one another – really living life together.

I’m learning what it truly is to love my neighbor. There aren’t many people my age, mostly older adults. Still, there is a lot to learn from them.

My neighbor who doesn’t have living relatives nearby touched my heart when he said, This made my whole day. We cannot forget the older adults. Those who have lost spouses, loved ones, living alone. I’m thankful for the change of pace. I’m learning to slow down and smell the rain 🌧.

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