No More Fakin’ It

Fake it ’til you make it.

Ever hear that phrase? It’s one of the most false sayings I think I have ever heard. I used to smile to cover how I was really feeling – thinking that I would not only fool myself, but others also. God doesn’t want my fake smile, neither does He want me to pretend that everything is okay, when it’s not. He just wants me. Whether I’m sad and broken, or filled with joy.

God knows our hearts. I’m guilty of going to God, insincerely. As if ashamed that, no, everything is not alright with me, you life. He just wants me. Why not go to the only source of life and help when in need?

“The Lord is nigh unto them that are of a broken heart…” Psalm 34:18a KJV

What a promise and a hope! He wants my brokenness. He is near to me in those times of breaking. There is no need to fake it.

*Original Image by Kaybee05


  1. I appreciate your transparency in your “About Me” article… and am so glad you know our Lord and Savior who helps us get through the bumps and lumps of life. Thank you for joining JanBeek, Jessy. We’re on this journey together… from TexArkAna to Montana… with God as our guide. Quite a ride, huh? ❤

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