Eye of the Hurricane

We moved back down south about a month ago. Not quite home, but closer and where God has led me. As we watch the tropics and get reacquainted with the south, talks of hurricanes, seeing lightening and thunderstorms reminds me of hurricanes I have lived through, naturally and spiritually.

One thing that has always struck me as the most amazing phenomenon is the calm in the eye of the hurricane. The rain beats down, the wind roars, trees fall, tornadoes are often formed in the storm. Yet in the eye, there is no rain, no lightning. There is only calm. A stillness like no other. Ominous and beautiful all at once. The sky in the hurricane has an emerald hue. Yet, in the eye, there is calm, peace.

The storms of life are like that too. Sometimes, there is trouble all around, every which way you turn. Yet, I’ve learned that Jesus is the eye of the storm. In Him, there is peace. A calm stillness like no other. I’ve come to recognize that in Him, though the worse may be yet to come and the storm may be far from over, I can still have a place of peace.

There is calm in the eye of the hurricane.

*Original Image by Kaybee05


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