Hi Friends!

So.. again, “Hello!” I want to start by saying Thank you! As a fellow blogger, I know that it takes a degree of vulnerability when we post. As I have gotten to know some of you through your blog posts through the years, I am so grateful that you take the time to share a word or encouragement, a picture, anecdote about your life, your family, your struggles, successes, prayer requests, a word from the Lord, a poem, a story, a lesson you have learned, your struggles and how you have overcome.. The list goes on and on.

I am grateful to be apart of your lives. We may not know each other personally, may never even met in person, perhaps never will.. Still, I’m grateful to have met you like this.

I’m working on getting better at reading and commenting on your blogs. I takeaway so much from each of you.

It’s amazing to think that when we blog, people from all over the world get to read and get a glimpse at who we are. Keep blogging! You’re making a difference!

*Original Image by Yours Truly – from my family to yours❤

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