Better, Not Bitter

What is it about those challenging times we face? Yes, they make us stronger. Yes, they help us to realize how much we need Jesus. Yet, from personal experience and observation, they also change us in profound ways.

The change can be for the better or worse. It’s all in how we choose to deal with and face the challenges in life. We can choose to become bitter and harden our hearts, or we can choose to allow the challenges to soften our hearts, better us.

It has been through life’s challenges that I learned the truth of compassion and God’s grace and mercy.

During lunch with a friend, the other day, she asked, How are you so sweet, with all that you’ve been through? Honestly, I don’t necessarily consider myself to be sweet, at least not all the time. However, it dawned on me in that moment the true meaning behind, I can become bitter or better.

There was a time where I was bitter. Thank God for helping me to become better!

Despite what I’ve endured in my life, I want to be a doer of the Word of God, not a hearer or reader only. The Bible tells us that if we forgive others, we’ll be forgiven; if we grant mercy to others, we will also receive God’s mercy.

Because I’ve been forgiven for so much and Jesus paid my debt, how could I not do the same for others? Is not that I’m sweet. Rather that I’ve learned the true value of mercy.


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