Just A Baby

Along with a move across the country comes??? You guessed it! A new job!

I’ve gone back to working with my population of choice, adolescents. Not just adolescents, troubled adolescents. Adolescents who have committed crimes, have mental health issues, substance abuse issues and the like.

When I walked away from this population, at the time, I was admittedly tired. I hear that a lot from people who work with these kids. I needed a break. Now, I’m back!

I’m back and ready. I’m in a different place than I was some years ago. Maybe because I’m a bit older. Maybe because I’m a bit more secure. Maybe because I’m not afraid that my kids will necessarily end up there. (Oh yeah, we’ve been through a lot over the years!)

A lesson I had to learn over the years, to allow me to once again be able to work with this population is compassion. God has so much compassion toward us. He loves us so much! Yes, many of these children have committed heinous crimes. They have committed armed robbery, murder, battery, etc… But, if I can at all extend to them just a little bit of the love and care that God has extended to me, it will be enough. They are all, after all, just babies.


  1. You can do this I believe that you are the right person for the job. I often say that it takes the right person someone whom God has put in place. I have dealt with kids with the same background, and one thing is for sure. Although they have problems they are already expected to fail their entire life. Having someone like you in their life can change that expectation and can change them for the better. Congratulations I am glad that you are back right where God wants you.

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    1. Thank you so much, Domeka! You’re right, it does take whomever God places in certain positions do accomplish His work. It really is sad that so many of these children are not only expected to fail, but also lose hope themselves. I pray that they can see God in me.

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