Feel the “spirit”

A: We don’t celebrate Christmas at my house. We aren’t going to put a tree up or anything.

B: Really? We put a tree up two weeks ago. Don’t you want to feel the spirit?

The sad reality is that the reason for the season has been lost with all the commercialism of today’s society. It’s sad. Christmas, even in the church, is often characterized by presents, trees, Santa, lights, etc.. and not so much about Jesus.

Some use the month of November, the week of the holiday, or maybe even just the day, to remember to give thanks, when really, Thanksgiving should be a daily lifestyle.

Some years back, we decided to stop celebrating holidays. Not wanting to get lost any longer in the commercialism or the spirit of the seasons and times. For us, it has been freeing. Sure, it can be a challenge at times to navigate with friends and family. I don’t ever want anyone to feel they have to change their beliefs or traditions, based off my convictions.

My only hope is that in these times and in this season, everyone takes time to really reflect on the true reason for the season and feel the true Spirit, the Spirit of God – not the spirit of Christmas or whatever else.

*Original Image by Yours Truly

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