Together or Torn

Of loss I have learned that it has the power to bind us together or tear us apart. A woman I know, neither friend, nor foe, recently loss her unborn child. As she shared this loss with me, we cried together. We mourned together. We bonded. We grew together.

After the death of a loved one. I’m so sad to say, pieces of my own family were torn apart. This person still held a grudge against the deceased, not even attending the services of his own sister. The parents long gone, the siblings no longer speaking. It’s hard to watch, not wishing to be in the middle nor take sides of family whom I know and love as just family at the end of the day.

I wish we could all get it together. I wish we could all recognize that time is short. There will be no second chances. We must get it right now, this time around.

Once upon a time, loss reminded us of that. Now it seems that we have turned cold, as a people. Loss no longer serves as a time of reflection. Or perhaps that reflection time has shortened. We hold grudges and don’t recognize the condition of our cold and bitter hearts.

I hope we can soon awake and arise out of our stupor. It shouldn’t take a loss, because by then, of course it’s too late. But, let’s make things right with those whom we have hurt, or maybe who have hurt us, today. I’m not saying that we have to have everyone in our lives.. But… Forgiveness. It’ll soften our hearts and set us free.

*Original Image by Yours Truly


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