Building Altars

I may have written about this already, I can’t remember. But, this has been on my mind lately… I can’t remember when, or where, I heard it… But, somewhere, someone said that they began to take notice of the music they were listening to, shows they were watching, books they were reading, conversations they were entertaining… because they realized that what they focused on, all that they entertained became the object of their worship.

I’ve sat on this thought for quite some time. I’ve applied it to my own life over the last month or so. I must admit, Christ has not always been at the center. It’s actually embarrassing how subtle everything else can sometimes creep in and become the object of my metaphorical worship. While I may not bend a physical knee to some of the things in my life, sometimes I have found that I am creating altars in my heart to things that do not belong.

I found myself belting out the lyrics of a country song the other day, and before I knew it, I realized that the object/focus of that song was not Christ. What was glorified in that song was some jilted ex. I found myself experiencing emotions that I thought I was over – I’m no longer the jilted ex. I usually only listen to Christen music by choice. But, this day, I found myself, building an altar in my heart to an old relationship, slipping into depression, as I bowed my knee to what was, rather than lifting my hands to the King of kings and bowing my knee before His throne.

I’m choosing to be ever so mindful and careful of the music I listen to, the shows I watch, the books I read and the conversations I entertain. Because, truth be told, in everything we do, we must commit our ways to God. He must be at the center – be the focus of our worship. There are so many distractions trying to steal our attention and our worship if we aren’t careful.

*Original Image by Yours Truly


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