Not Charging Him Foolishly

How many times have you found yourself stating, wondering, complaining: It’s not supposed to be this way. I have one too many times, especially when things have gone wrong for the umpteenth time… It’s not supposed to be this way.

In all this Job sinned not, nor charged God foolishly. Job 1:22 KJV

I am reminded, as things are not turning out as planned/expected that despite whatever happens in life, not to charge God foolishly. I’m guilty in my ignorant past, of asking Him, why? And even being so ridiculous as to blaming God for what had gone awry in my life…

But Job…

Job, in an instant, lost everything, yet he did not question God why? Neither did he blame God for what went wrong.

I’ll be honest with you, as the days grow darker, life is not getting any easier. In fact, I may be the only one, but it is becoming increasingly difficult to live for God, do the right thing, and not complain while doing it. So, when things go wrong, how do you, I, we endure? When things don’t go as we expected, how do we continue on?

I feel that one of the greatest testimonies of man is not how rocky the road is/has been. Rather, how you traveled the road despite the rocks, dips, curves, twists…

This past week was a tough one. I’m not one to be “stressed” per se.. But, I found myself stressed out! Thankfully, I have those who point me to God in the midst of chaos; those who will not pray for me, but with me.

Just as with Job, the end of this thing (in my case, this week) was greater than the beginning. I give all the glory to God. It has been something, as I open my Bible to read, God has prepared for me a Word in advance to help me through what is coming. I don’t see it until afterwards. Still, I’m thankful.

Learning not to charge Him foolishly…

*Original Image by Yours Truly


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