Topic on everyone’s list, everywhere I seem to turn is Programming. We live in a day and age where we love to have programming.

I suppose it’s “safe”. There is a sort of safety and security in the predictable, knowing what to expect… Programming. At work, our Senior Team Leadership meetings have focused on programming, I’m a little tired of the word (yet, two paragraphs in and already I’ve used it about 5 times).

Since I moved, I have, admittedly, not taken on a leadership role at church, but even there, program, was drilled into us. Because for the church to be successful and grow, it had to run like a well oiled machine, we had to stick to the schedule, we had to stick to the program.

I don’t really know when church became a place where we focused on the logistics – the program, if you will. I don’t know when we started using entertaining tactics to capture the attention of the world, and even at times the saints, dare I say.

I look back at the early church in the book of Acts. They added to the church daily. They were in one mind and of one accord. They knew unity. No, they were not perfect, they needed correction, had their issues, they were human like us. Still, they shared Jesus. They shared love.

I crave that. Something like that. I’m not knocking the programs and all that. I mean, I guess we roll with the times or something like that, right? Maybe it’s just me. Maybe I’m just in the need to breakaway from the programming and get myself back to the basics. I think for the here and now, I’m struggling to see past the programs.

*Original Image by Kaybee05

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