Do you remember back in the day (maybe this is just back in my day) when monsters were scary, mythical, creatures? Remember being afraid that they lurked in the darkness? Under the bed? In the closet? These places were fine in the daylight, with friends, siblings, parents, or even alone… But once the sun set and the lights went out – talk about a colossal game changer.

Kids aren’t afraid of monsters anymore. Not like I was.

Now, I’m not saying I want the kids of today to walk around with a fear complex or to be completely afraid of like, the dark and such. We know that fear isn’t even of God (2 Timothy 1:7). What I am saying is, the monsters of yesterday that used to scare us, have nothing on the monsters of today. What the kids of today are battling are much worse than anything anyone of us could dream up.

We were afraid of our own imaginations. Fearing fear itself – our apologies Mr. Roosevelt.

Today, as the days are darkening, sin is increasing, and darkness is a perverse light. There are invisible monsters looming, lurking… They grow in strength and intensity, though they are not visible to the naked eye. And, where, we wonder, do they derive their strength? What causes them to grow to such mass proportions?

The pleasures of man.

The gain their strength, stature, size, girth, growth from the debaucherous pleasures of mankind, also known as the sins of man.

These monsters feed off of anger, hate, rage, cursing, envy, malice, murder, fornication, adultery, lewdness, lasciviousness, emulation, pride, lust, stubbornness, witchcraft, rebellion, idolatry, lying, fighting, deception, manipulation, and the list goes on and on… But I suppose, to sum it up plainly, we can simply say, these monsters feed off sin.

Still, we don’t have to be discouraged. Jesus has given us the victory through His death, burial, resurrection.

For sin is the sting that results in death, and the law gives sin its power. But thank God! He gives us victory over sin and death through our Lord Jesus Christ. 1 Corinthians 15:56‭-‬57 NLT


  1. What an encouraging post. I remember many years ago seeing a movie titles, “The Blob”. It was a jelly like monster that grew bigger and slimed its way over everything, even people. For weeks after I would check under my bed to see if the, “the blob” was there. In some ways, my Dad was my biggest monster, for he was an abusive drunk who we dreaded him coming home. When you have real life monster your fears of unreal ones go away. I got married at 17 to get away from the real monster and when the Lord invaded my life and begin to teach me about forgiveness I learned of bigger monster like unforgiveness and bitterness. Those kind of things build on fear, make all fears bigger. Forgiveness makes them small or go away. You are a good writer, able to express well. I will be back for more. Blessings sister in Christ.

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    1. I actually remember that movie as well. Our parents showed it to us on one of our family movie nights. You male an excellent point. Many people are growing up in homes similar to the home you describe. I agree that unforgiveness and bitterness are monsters that many battle and it takes the love of Christ and forgiveness for them to truly go away. When I learned to walk in forgiveness for trespasses done against me and apologies that never came, I found liberty and experienced the true love of God. Thank you so much for stopping by!

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  2. Jessy, That was my back in the day too – My monster was underneath my basement steps!! But the Lord taught me to how to quit running upstairs, and I began to walk up the stairs slowly-on purpose- believing that He would protect me. And that helped me control my fear- with faith!! These demons are truly ravenously fed by sin, but We Please our God with the blind Faith that He will overshadow and protect our children throughout this wicked world – In Jesus’ Name!! 🙏🏾Thanks For Sharing💕

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    1. I love this example, Tam. “The Lord taught (you) how to.. walk.. – on purpose- believing that He would protect (you).” I pray that we all begin to walk on purpose with blind faith in Jesus Christ, knowing that He will hide us in the shadow of His wings, He is our Protector and our Shield. When we place our trust in Him, we have nothing to fear!

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