Come Out of the Window

I have shared that my family and I relocated to a small town in the Ark-La-Tex. Living in the south, or maybe in a small town, I’ve discovered that the majority of my neighbors, whether I see them or not, love to look through the window.

As I slowly met those who lived around me, they had all seen me before I ever laid eyes on them. They offered great advise: Don’t run your car so early. Don’t run your wipers when you run your car, you’ll wear them out. Don’t drive on the grass after the rain, you’ll get stuck. Make sure to use a weed-wacker or you’ll give snakes a place to hide and they’ll go right on into your house.

The weather has started to warm up here. Now, we have had tornados and severe weather come through the area. In fact, we spent over 48hrs without electricity last week. I just thank God that it wasn’t worse for us.

In any case, the warmer weather has brought us outside, to work on the yard, our plants, spring cleaning and such.. Occasionally, a neighbor will call, I saw you and your kids…

Sometimes, we can spend our entire lives looking through the window, and not get out and have any of our own experiences.

And as the ark of the LORD came into the city of David, Michal Saul’s daughter looked through a window, and saw king David leaping and dancing before the LORD; and she despised him in her heart. 2 Samuel 6:16 KJV

Now, I’m not an Israel history or culture buff, so to be quite honest, I’m not totally certain why Michal wasn’t with king David when he went to retrieve the Ark of the Covenant from Obed-edom’s home. There are varying opinions as to this. Some see her as justified in despising David.

I disagree.

David’s worship here had nothing to do with her. It was for the Lord. Everything we do, must be done to God. Commit thy works unto the LORD, And thy thoughts shall be established. Proverbs 16:3 KJV

I used to be a stay-at-home mom. Back when my children were young and their dad and I were married. I remember looming through the window. Watching people live their lives, rather than getting outside myself. Once they got a little older, I came away from the window, and got outside with my kiddos.

For Michal, had she joined in the worship to God – had she removed her eyes from David and lifted them to God, there would have been no room for her to despise anyone.

Too often we look at what someone is doing, saying, how they are worshiping and we develop our own narrative/opinion about it. When really it’s not our place. If we can move from becoming watchers and engage. Well, we wouldn’t have to despise someone’s dance. We must keep our eyes fixed on Jesus. We can’t look at our circumstances or even the positions of the people through the window.

*Original Image by Yours Truly


  1. Thank you for sharing your Christian witness. Having lived in small, rural communities, life can sometimes feel like living in glass bowl. In the same breath, we come to realize that God sees everything.

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  2. Hey Jessy! This is Good💕When David went inside to bless his household, Michal spoke to David with harsh words, blocking her opportunity to be blessed. This is why Michal had no child until the day she died.

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    1. Hi Tam! Thanks so much for stopping by! You know, it really is a sad story. If only she had engaged in worship.. But, you are right, she blocked her blessing with her harsh words to David. We must be careful what we speak.

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      1. “If only she had engaged in worship” I Agree!! She should have been Out of doors celebrating and worshipping, like the rest of the Israelites. The people were overjoyed because of ‘The Lord’s’ return to Israel. It is rather sad, because I think Michal loved David when they were first married, but I think she was bitter and very unhappy because David forced her to return to him, separating her from her second husband. I think she had fallen in love with Paltiel – and it was quite obvious that Paltiel loved Michal – remember how he weeped at her departure, and continued to follow after her til the commander of the guard sent him away.

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        1. This is true.. When I was writing this post, I did some research and there were varying thoughts regarding her behavior. Some felt that she despised David for bringing her back and having multiple wives, when she had stayed back initially to save him. Some felt that she still cared for him. Like you, I sort of thought she loved Paltiel as well. It is clear that he loved her. Definitely a lot going on.. Sometimes, we allow our current circumstances to hinder our worship. Also, we can become consumed with our present circumstances, especially when they are less than ideal, that we forget to look to God.

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          1. I love this Jessy!💕 I remember my first pastor used to say, “Stop Lookin’ at circumstances, and keep your eyes on Jesus Christ!” I didn’t understand what he was trying to communicate at the age of 19, but nearly 20 years later, I realize he was right on target regardless of the issue!!

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    1. Hi Mary! My youngest has taught one of our dogs to look out the window 😄
      I agree, as much as I love to watch the rain come down through the window, I much rather engage with others, especially in this cold world.

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