This Moment

When you really take stock of your life, you realize that we only have this moment to get things right. So often we put off for tomorrow (and the next day and the next…) what should be done right now, in this moment.

We aren’t promised that tomorrow will come, so today, we must repent and allow Jesus to change our lives. Today, we must forgive and ask forgiveness, because today may be the only opportunity we have left.

I had a recent conversation with someone who had committed an offense against me. I’ve long since forgiven, the offense was actually brought up unintentionally in conversation. I think I held my breath not knowing what the outcome would be. The person stated that they didn’t remember, so it never happened. I wasn’t the one to bring up the issue, but I assured them that it did indeed happen.

I actually feel pity for that person. If they don’t remember, they don’t. However, this is why it’s so important to seek forgiveness and repent when we wrong one another. Not waiting for tomorrow or however much time to pass, but right now, in this moment. When we recognize that we have offended or hurt someone, we must make it right, right away.

I personally don’t want any unrepentant sins in my heart. I feel that not remembering is such a dangerous situation.

Whatever the case, I personally ask that anyone reading this post would search themselves and allow God reveal any area in your heart that needs to be made right. Whether it’s seeking forgiveness, forgiving, or repenting.. Get it right in this moment, while we have the opportunity, for tomorrow may be too late.

*Original Image by Yours Truly 🤍 🌸


    1. So true. We must be quick to forgive. As Jesus didn’t require an apology, we do well to follow His example. So much can be said of forgiveness.

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