My brother made the comment a while back, We weren’t taught to have nice things, I had to learn on my own how to dress nice and have nice things in my house.

I realized after that conversation, that in life, I’ve often settled. Settled for second best, settled for good enough. I haven’t pushed myself in areas others would have.

I’ve also grown accustomed to taking whatever anyone tosses my way with a disgenuous smile on my face.

I don’t want to smile if I don’t mean it.

I don’t want to settle.

I want to be my authentic self.

I want all that God has for me.

We don’t serve a good enough, second place God. We serve the creator of the whole universe. We serve the King of kings. We serve God Almighty! He has all power in His hands. He knows all, sees all, is everywhere all at once, and loves all and calls us His sons and daughters.


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