Do You Pray For Him?

But do you pray for him? A mother asked the woman who was dating her son.

You know, there are countless people in and out of relationships everyday, it seems. But do they pray for one another? Not just during the relationship, but before?

A good friend of mine and I both have 13 year olds. She shared with me some years ago that she had already begun praying for whomever would be her son’s future wife. It made me think, am I praying for my future sons and daughter-in-law? Honestly, I had not.

As parents, I do think it wise to pray for the future spouses of our children. I think it is equally important for singles desiring to be married to pray for their future spouse. Just as we pray for ourselves, husbands and wives pray for one another, and parents pray for children. This will ensure God’s hand in all relationships in our lives.

*Original Image by Yours Truly 🤍 🌸


  1. Great insight on prayer 🙏

    And don’t be worried about any generational curse. When a person places his faith in the finished work of Jesus on the cross, every curse is taken away (Romans 8:1,2).

    Instead, thank Jesus for His Grace for 1000 generations to them that love Him and keep His commandments (Exodus 20:6).

    Praise lord lord.

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  2. Amen! This is great, Jessy!! 💕
    Many years ago, I began to think about generational curses and how they affect our future. The Holy Spirit taught me to pray for my children’s future spouses, and their marriages, and even for their children to come – my grandchildren!! I am yet to attend a wedding, and yet to hold a grand baby, but I am still praying and invoking the blood of Jesus over all these things!!

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    1. Amen! This is something more recently on my mind as my children approach adulthood. I don’t want them to take generational curses into their futures, nor do I want them visited upon any of the future generations of our family, Lord willing. I too am praying, pleading, and invoking the blood of Jesus over future generations. Someone had said to me that somewhere along the line, Someone had surely prayed for me (us) as God had called us out of darkness and protected us from many of the generational curses in our family.

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