Looking to Jesus

They say that hurt people hurt people. But what happens to the people that love on those hurting people?

I had vowed not to take certain things, situations, behaviors, etc.. into 2023 with me. Well, who knew that January 1, 2023 would start out with the weight of someone I love, a hurt someone, hurting me.

Who knew that right at the start of the new year I would face a test of my faith? I would have to decide whether to trust God, and know and believe that He’s got me and He works all things out for good to them that love Him, to them that are called according to His purpose… That I would have to, yet again, forgive the apology that would likely not come, from an offense that wiped me off me feet, from someone who claimed to love me. From someone I love…

And then, I stop and look around me. All around me I see, people are dying, families are mourning… Whether life was taken violently, due to sickness, or someone made the choice to end their own life… No one seems untouched.

So, as I prayed at the end of 2022, I’m praying in the beginning of 2023, that I can see past my own self (my emotions, my pain, me) and look to God in every situation.

As they say, it can always be worse… But dear friends, with Jesus, we know the best is yet to come…

*Original image by Yours Truly ☀️🌸


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