When God Speaks

“When the people heard the thunder and the loud blast of the ram’s horn, and when they saw the flashes of lightning and the smoke billowing from the mountain, they stood at a distance, trembling with fear. And they said to Moses, “You speak to us, and we will listen. But don’t let God speak directly to us, or we will die!” “Don’t be afraid,” Moses answered them, “for God has come in this way to test you, and so that your fear of him will keep you from sinning!”” ‭‭Exodus‬ ‭20‬:‭18‬-‭20‬ ‭NLT‬‬

Sometimes God speaks to us in a still small voice. Sometimes it’s in the calm and quiet that comes after the storm. And sometimes He’s speaking to us the raging midst of the storm. But the question is, are we listening?

Are we pursuing Him for ourselves? Seeking after Him for ourselves? Listening for His voice ourselves? Or do we need someone to tell us what He’s saying? Are we so afraid of God? Or maybe are so consumed with ourselves that we don’t want to or can’t face God ourselves?

I recently went through a very challenging time with someone I had come to love. Someone I still love, if I’m honest. And do you know, in the midst of all the raging of the waters and thunders and the storm all around me. I feel so deeply in my spirit that this is the opportunity I’ve needed to truly share the love of Christ with this person.

I’ve studied Moses lately, and his relationship with God and the people. How he just wanted the Israelites to know God like he knew God. He never gave up on them. Some understood. Some didn’t. That’s life. But its the same with Jesus. He never gives up on us. Even unto death. Literally, living to die for the sins of mankind… Father forgive them for they know not what they do.

I think there’s so much to learn when we start listening for God.

In the midst of this storm I’m in now. I can hear His voice. Where my flesh is inclined to want vengeance, His voice leads me to pray for mercy. And that changes everything. There is no hate. There’s only love there. And you know what? I think I understand what Jesus meant, partially anyway, when He said those words, Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do…

*Original image by Yours Truly ☀️🌸


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