Have you ever described yourself using one word?

My word for myself is: Passionate. My reason: I put my heart into everything that I do.

In prayer, one morning, I was convicted about this, as it pertained to a battle I am in the midst of fighting. While being passionate in all that I do is a great strength in many aspects. It is also my greatest weakness.

You see, my passion often keeps me from letting go of what I need to let go of. It keeps me from releasing to God what is His to hold. When not properly aligned, my passion easily becomes a source of control, power, pride and it’s oppressive.

How can I “Trust in the Lord with all of (my) heart and lean not to (my) own understanding” Proverbs 3:5 if my heart is wrapped up in some material thing, some person, my job, my home, my children, etc.. rather than in the hands of the One who made it – Jesus? You know?

I’ve struggled, for years, with letting go, surrendering what I had invested so much of my heart into, only to have it crushed time and again – not understanding why…

But God!

My passions, my heart has been invested in the wrong things, in the wrong places. I want my heart to be wrapped up in Jesus. I want my passions to be for Him.

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    1. Yes, you’re so right. Thank you for sharing this, well said and I definitely need to learn to pray this way as well.


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