I Get On My Knees

“Faith takes me to my knees. Hope keeps me there. When I kneel, He stands. When He stands, nothing can stand against!”

You know, one thing that Jesus said was that in this world/life, we would have trials/tribulations/troubles, but fear not, because He has overcome the world.

So where do you turn, what do you do when life gets tough?

I shared that I had a rough couple of weeks… You know, when I couldn’t find the words to express on my own, I went to Word of God. I recited the Words in the Bible and they became my prayers until I found my voice.

When I couldn’t stand on my own two feet, I got on my knees in total surrender to the Father. He reminded me that His name is a Strong Tower. His Word is a Sword. His Banner over me is His Love. No that weapon formed against me prospered. When Jesus is for me, who could be against me? Nothing and no one could ever stand against!

Sometimes, we have to stay so blessedly broken before Him. He’s in the breaking. Jesus is near to the broken-hearted, He doesn’t despise the broken-hearted.

When I can’t stand, I get on my knees, knowing that Jesus is standing in the gap for me.


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