I Know Love, I Think

Have you ever experienced love? I think I was in love… Once upon a time… But then, hasn’t that story has been told. But to experience love, true love… Well… Yes, no, maybe?

I was speaking with my sister today about relationships and such… Like the wonderful little sister I am, I found myself giving advice – on relationships and such. As though I’m qualified to do this? Wasn’t I only speaking to myself?

I heard myself say, “True love isn’t about passion. It’s a much deeper connection.” I validated that yes, it is about friendship and connectedness. As if I know something about those things?

So many people, myself included, have the false notion that love and commitment, relationships and marriage mean losing oneself, freedom or restrictions and such. But, I say not so! Why is this the label we pin on something that was once a beautiful thing? Something that is supposed to add to your life, not take away or oppress.

I imagine deciding to spend one’s life with their best friend, their love, should not be taken lightly. It should not be sentence for “now your fun will cease to exist.” Rather the beginning of an adventure with your best friend.

Maybe I’m naive, because I’m not sure about love and relationships at all… I just cannot believe that marriage is the end all, be all.

Contrary to an earlier post… My views on love have changed. Because, when I truly gave it some thought, I believe love, true love is comfortable. It is being able to be yourself with that person, knowing that they won’t try to change you. It is so much more than the other stuff… Sheesh, I’m learning every day.

So glad I stopped to think about love, not for myself, but for my sister, who I was able to help (I think). Haha ☀️🌸

*Photo by KayBee05


    1. When you do, I hope you will share 🤗 It’s good that you are not afraid. Many individuals are… Afraid to try, afraid to try again (myself included)
      This was just my idea, the more I observe and study, healthy and unhealthy relationships.
      Thanks for stopping by ☀️🌸

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