A friend asked me a while back, How do you forgive a hurt that was done to you, physically, emotionally, etc?

Truth is I don’t know.

What I do know is that on my own, I can neither forgive nor walk in forgiveness. I need God, because for me, alone, it’s too difficult a task.

I had to learn to forgive the apologies that didn’t come. Also, how to walk in that forgiveness each day. Because, believe me, it’s not the easiest.

Still, what I know about forgiveness is that it’s completely necessary.

We forgive because Jesus Christ shed His blood that we might be forgiven Luke 23:34

We forgive because we also want to be forgiven Mark 11:24-25

Forgiveness puts us in right standing with Jesus and it frees us.

My children and I have had a series of conversations regarding not being so easily offended and what to do with the offenses when they come.

Something I’ve discovered is that offenses will come, as Jesus said Luke 17:1 However, we don’t have to be ruled or controlled by those offenses. This includes the offenses that may or may not come intentionally. It’s up to us to decide what we’ll do with the offense once it comes.

Will we choose to forgive and allow love to cover a multitude of sins 1 Peter 4:8 Or, will we become embittered?

I pray that we all learn to love like Jesus loves us. None of us deserve the love and grace and mercy that He gives. All the more reason to grant the same to others.

*Original Image by Yours Truly 🤍🌸🌞


  1. It is an amazing thing when we truly see our hearts beneath our fear, we will finally understand and forgive the one person that it means the most…us. And in that one moment we will also understand all other peoples action, be it 50 million different ways, as we will then see that we too were once there, and have now the empathy, compassion and love like Jesus to forgive them all…simply because we can only forgive when we understand what forgiveness is. And in understanding our fear…we will 😀 ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋

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    1. So well stated, Mark. I am a witness to this. We are the most difficult to learn to forgive. Once we forgive ourselves, we definitely know what it means to love and forgive others as Jesus loves us. When we can get past ourselves, we definitely understand others so much better.

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  2. Those are great conversations to have with your children. I always love it when you say how you’re learning to forgive- although the apologies never came. Only the Holy Spirit can teach us this. Thank You Lord!!💕

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    1. Thanks Tam! It’s only through the Holy Spirit that any of us can forgive and walk in that forgiveness daily. Jesus informed us that offenses will come and gave the example of how to forgive.

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