Be comfortable with the silence – At least that’s what I am told. For when you’re in a room with another, be comfortable with quiet.

Silence is golden – Another cliché they tell me. But in the silence that surrounds me today, echo the memories of yesterday.

I can face things that are out of my control and not act out of control. Lysa TerKeurst

I’m going to my room to finish my reading, so I can finish my homework. My thoughts were for the silence I thought I needed… I was to hurry, we have big plans! But in all of that silence, a memory stood out to me, replayed over and over in my mind, like a tragic movie on a mini screen. Blame it on this topic, now I can’t even focus. Some things we have to face head on, they can’t stay buried in our memories. But, God, why now? Why here? Why must I face it? The kids are here, waiting outside of my room, and my goodness, they’re waiting for me! Plus, it’s been so long!

As the movie of my memory replays on in my mind. I sit back and take a break, and watch it one more time. I can see through a spectator’s eye. I see where I made my mistake, admittedly I now know why. Situations that were buried along with emotions. Driven by a sheer determination, never looking so far as the outcome. Finally, I have reached a place to process it, in the silence of my room.

I must exchange whispers with God before shouts with the world. Lysa TerKeurst

But in the silence a still small voice speaks calm into my soul and whispers peace into the storm. He has given me another perspective of a time past. He has uncovered another area from which I needed healing and of which I needed to let go. Sometimes I don’t see clearly and I need to turn down all the noise. It’s in the silence that I can truly hear Him. Why wait for the silence to come, when you can create the silence within…

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