Being a homeowner has been an eye opening experience for me. It is both rewarding and challenging. There are pieces that no one tells you about owning home. Things that I have had to figure out along the way.

Some days, I want to cry. Other times, it’s fun. I am guilty of using the phrase, “I wish I had a boyfriend or husband around to do this for me,” in moments of despair. Then, I shake myself back to reality and figure out how to achieve whatever daunting task is at hand.

Lately, I have become somewhat of a do it yourselfer. I have my own toolkit, complete with screwdrivers, wrenches, Allen keys of all sizes. I even have a drill! Oh, and a hammer! I’m quite handy, I think…

One issue I have run into, being a DIY’er is that I keep having all these extra pieces leftover… Is that normal? Or is it just me?

*Original Photo of leftover pieces from the last three things I put together…


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