The Little Things

We have finally reached our destination after more than a month of driving and transition time. At last, we’re home.

It has been so rewarding, this last month to spend so much time with my children and get to know them on new levels. I was invited into their sibling games and word play. We shared stories and took turns listening to one another.

Our kid’s generation, Gen Z, has been labeled as entitled, shrewd consumers, and even antisocial – due to the huge role of technology and social media in their lives. However, spending this special time with my kids taught me, same as with most individuals, their joy lies in the little things.

Unlike the stereotype of being antisocial, through conversation with my children, I learned that some of their best memories had nothing to do with stuff and everything to do with time well spent. A favorite memory they all seemed to share regarding their dad was riding in the car, windows down, music blasting, and their dad singing along with the radio.

The realization that it’s the little things that make the biggest impact on the kids rings true for all people, I’m convinced.

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        1. Are you guys moving or traveling? It was a really nice to be on the road! So many beautiful things to see. I am glad to be “home” now 😊


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