Try, Try, and Try!

I have come to realize the power of trying. So often we fear failing. We fear not being good enough. We have excuse after excuse for why we choose to not begin… Of course we do not actually say that we are not beginning by reason of fear. Who wants to admit that? Certainly not I! However, how often has fear kept me from beginning or even trying?

I have realized in myself and even my children *gasp* a tendency to not begin, a delayed beginning, a reluctance to try, or not trying at all. What is the meaning of this? For me, I am well aware of my fear of failure. Admittedly, this fear keeps me from beginning an assignment until the last minute. It also, keeps me from from beginning something new at times. For instance, last Friday and even today, I was supposed to start Tae Kwon Do classes. It’s on my bucket list, I said I would when my eldest moved up to the teen/adult class, I even spoke with Quanjanim… But, I have yet to begin. I don’t even have an excuse! I know exactly why I haven’t started classes. I am afraid to fail! This has been a pattern for me throughout my life.

How can I be afraid to fail if I never try? There is power in trying. We never know what we can truly achieve if we never try. To try is to gain success. No, we may not get it correct right away, we may even fail, and we can try, try again! No one ever became successful without trying and surely without a few bumps along the way. Additionally, no one ever attained something that they wanted without going for it – without trying! We must – I must try. No matter the cost, set fear aside, and try.

As I look over the various aspects of my life, I see areas that I tried and I am so glad I did! Never have I tried something that I regret. The only regrets I have, are those things I knew I should have done, and didn’t, those words I should have said, and didn’t – for fear paralyzed me from doing, and fear closed my mouth.

Other than losing success, have you contemplated that not trying could mean missing out on your blessing? In a conversation the other day, obedience to God was brought to my attention. Not just obedience, but obeying Him within the first 5 seconds of feeling His urge to act or do something, because if you don’t obey within the first 5 seconds, chances are you won’t obey. Even in delayed obedience is disobedience. God wouldn’t place something in our spirits to do that would bring about failure. So why would we doubt? Why would we neglect to try? What is on the other side?

There is an element of faith required to persevere and try when we have no guarantee of success. To take that leap, to move ahead, to have no regrets, now that’s a life worth living! I am encouraging myself to move ahead, try some new things – take that Tae Kwon Do class, open my heart, love and be loved!

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