Loving Him

“Thank you for loving my brother.”

After all these years, those words have remained. In truth, I wonder how she’s doing, him too – even if it seems like a lifetime ago. And such a small amount of time that I sometimes wonder if it all really happened, what all really happened. Those couple of years are all a dark, blur.

In the moments that I allow myself to remember, all that comes back are her words, thank you for loving my brother. At the time, even now, they bring tears to my eyes. He was someone who had not known unconditional love, nor the love of God. I wish I could say that I showed him both, I honestly cannot.

Looking back, I have learned the importance in allowing God to not only heal the heart, but also fulfill every desire and longing of the heart. As divorce, sadly, becomes an all too familiar part of our society, and we wonder why? Why are people having multiple failed marriages and/or relationships – assuming they even go that route? Why are we seeing some with a new partner more frequently than they change the oil in their car?

Then, we stop and survey the hearts. How many broken hearts out there? How many people are out there seeking completeness from another, when only God can fill that hole in the heart?

And, there’s nothing wrong with a broken heart. The sacrifices of God are a broken heart and a contrite spirit, a broken heart, He won’t despise. He is the Master Potter, piecing us – our hearts – back together.

If we let Him…

*Original photo by A.B.


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