Seasons Change

2020, for me, was a much needed season of isolation on so many planes. I admit, I neglected many of my relationships. I disengaged from almost everyone and everything. I spent all, or most, of 2020, in a much needed isolation. I needed my own sense of recovery. I wasn’t sick. But, I suppose I was spent. Everything was just too much. The isolation was a much needed reprieve from the demands and expectations of everyone around me.

2021 has been an awakening. It’s as though I have awakened out of hibernation. I have reconnected, re-engaged with friends whom I have not spoken with in over 10-15 years. And honestly, it has been as though we picked up right where we left off yesterday. Those are those relationships that you know had depth and meaning. 2021 has not been a year to sit still, rather a year of action. A year of moving ahead, progressing forward, reconnecting. There are those whom have been left in 2020, but oh, my heart is so full! There have been those, who time and distance may have appeared to separate us, but I have realized that we were never really apart at all.

I don’t really understand what’s next. But I’m full of anticipation all the same. As I reconnect and re-engage and my life shifts and changes, look forward to the future and everything Christ has for our family. I look forward to our next grand adventure! And if it be the Lord’s will, I’m excited to see what 2022 will bring!

*Original image by C.B.

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