Give A Little Bit

One of the best presents I received from a person was a picture of that person with my favorite baseball player. I was going through old photographs today with my kids and came across that picture. Immediately, I remembered that I was having a rough day and out of nowhere, I received that picture. It made my whole day, week, month! Even seeing that picture today, I smiled.

A friend posted on social media that we should tell others of the impact they made on us while they are alive, in honor of suicide prevention week. I’ve lost so many that I know and have loved to suicide. It’s sad. Seeing their pictures, remembering their faces, the times spent together…

I so rarely express how I feel towards others. So many have made an impact on my life, especially many of the bloggers on here. Imagine, people I haven’t met, let alone those whom I know that have impacted me on so many ways.

Today, I want to make the vow to be honest with myself and others. Not sure if it’s pride or what, that often keeps me silent. But, going forward, I want to express to others how important they are and how they’ve impacted me while I have the opportunity. Who knows, something as simple as the gesture I wrote about above can change someone’s entire day.


  1. Great post Jessy, and you’re spot on when you say small gestures can change someone’s entire day. Sometimes it’s those little things that have a huge impact💫💛 #kindness

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  2. Suicide prevention is today’s necessity. So many lives are lost to suicide. Personally, my younger brother who were just 18 committed suicide. Even I myself tried at the age of 17, but I got saved magically…. We all should do such practices so we can save lives somewhere in the world! 🙂

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    1. I’m sorry about your brother and I’m glad that you were saved. You are so right, there are so many lives lost to suicide. A little bit of kindness, caring goes a long way.

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